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Bienvenue sur le site du Bureau Etudiant de Solvay !
Le BE Solvay est une association étudiante composée de près de 60 administrateurs. Sa mission est double : défendre l’intérêt des étudiants dans les organes de décision de la faculté, mais aussi assurer une formation continue de ses étudiants à travers divers workshops & conférences.

Le Bureau Étudiant Solvay est le plus grand bureau étudiant de l’ULB et compte plus de 60 membres élus chaque année par les étudiants

Notre vision est de promouvoir les initiatives étudiantes qui pourraient améliorer leur formation universitaire et faciliter l’intégration des étudiants sur le marché de l’emploi

Notre mission est de sensibiliser les étudiants aux différentes disciplines qui font parties d’une Business School (Entreprenariat, Finance, Marketing, etc.) et de leur donner les outils pour qu’ils s’améliorent par le biais d’un apprentissage actif

Merci davoir été aussi nombreux! 👔 #CareerDays2017 #Future #Internship #Recruiting #Solvay #Consulting #Audit #Accounting #Finance They were all there!!

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The 10th edition of the Solvay Business Game took place this weekend! Did you guys attend it? See you next year! 👋 #SBG17 #challenge #businessgame #concentration #workhard #internationalstudents #artistik #ThereWereBenAndJerrysIceCream #NoOneSayNoToBenAndJerrys
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Don't forget to send an email to and specify your name, surname and the amount of shares you want for the portfolio.

A summary of what has been said at the Portfolio Launching event will be published later in the evening.

Kind regards,

The SFC Team
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Solvay Finance Club a partagé son évènement.

Join us on the 20th!
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Solvay Finance Club : Portfolio Launching Event

Fév 20, 6:00


◢ The Solvay Finance Club Portfolio Launching ◣ Did you ever ask yourself how the financial markets and investing work? Have you ever dreamed of making money by investing in stock markets? Join ...

Solvay Finance Club : Portfolio Launching Event
Join the world Of Technology!

Register now and get invited to Deloittes exclusive Technology Day at the prestigious Deloitte University on Friday 10 March 2017! Seats are limited!
The Career Days are now over! We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who contributed to making these two very intense days successful: the students who came on both days to meet the companies, explore various sectors and ask relevant questions; the corporate partners who offered the students plenty of information, explanations and diversified opportunities; and of course the Bureau Etudiant Solvay and Cercle Solvay teams who worked relentlessly from dawn to dusk in order to make these Career Days truly unforgettable. Nothing would have been possible without you all. 
Well see you next year! 
-- An exhausted but euphoric Campus Recruitment team

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Arnaud FioraIt was amazing, thank you !

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Bureau Etudiant SolvayYou're welcome 🙂

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Louis de DiesbiatchBeau boulot les gurlz (et le Hhhakim)

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Estelle VlasselaerMerci bcp Louis!

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CAREER DAYS : Workshop by ING Thursday 23rd

At ING, we’re redefining what it means to be a bank and we’re looking for people with the right skills to jump on. Are you a smart, driven graduate with global ambitions who wants to make a real difference?

Do you want to explore how big financial institutions optimise their capital position, return on equity, leverage, and liquidity ratios ? Then come and join us for the Basel III game (Balance Sheet Management workshop) during the Solvay Career days on 23 February 2017.

Please send your CV to  to register for the workshop.


- 9h: Intro

- 9h05 – 9h15:  My  career at ING

- 9h15 – 9h30: A closer look at ING’s balance sheet

- 9h30 – 11h: Balance sheet management workshop

• Venue: R42.2.113

Master I & II students with a background in accountancy & control, (business) economics, finance, business administration or business studies.
REMINDER - McKinsey & Company

You are invited to apply for our Explore Weekend, a 3-day event taking place in Malta, from 17 to 19 March 2017.
You will work in groups, coached by our consultants, to solve a business case, and fully experience the gastronomy and
night-life of Malta. This weekend will give you an insider’s look into the way we work and what sets us apart.
Please note this event is targeted to students.

Join us and apply before 19 February 2017 via

Questions? Please contact Jenthe via

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How to prepare your CV and job interviews/ Sponsored by: Nestlé

Nov 14, 6:00


Dear students, Do you plan to apply for an internship or for a full-time? If so, this event is made for you ! The Career Services at Solvay in collaboration with the Campus Personal Development is or...

How to prepare your CV and job interviews/ Sponsored by: Nestlé

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Professional photos session

Oct 19, 2:30

R42 Batiment Solvay

(English below) Avez vous besoin d'une photo professionnelle à mettre sur votre CV, profil LinkedIn ou tout simplement pour vous-même? Le Campus Personal Development organise pour vous une séance p...

Professional photos session
Les grands gagnants de notre dernier concours Sharingbox ont reçu avec joie leurs places pour visiter le Microsoft Innovation Center ainsi que de leur coffret Duvel, encore un grand bravo à vous!

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Arnaud FrançoisBaptiste avoue c'est pour les duvel que tu l'as fait

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Augustin le PaigeT'as en tout cas une tête de bienheureux Baptiste

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Student Marketing Club a partagé l’évènement de Bureau Etudiant Solvay.

Don't forget to get your ticket to come and meet the team !!
See you on Monday =D
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Half-Year Drink : Solvay Student Clubs (BE Solvay)

Fév 13, 6:00

Bureau Etudiant Solvay

[French below] On next Monday, the Solvay Student Office (BESolvay) will organize a unique event where you will have the opportunity to meet the 9 Student Clubs at Solvay. The event will be held in t...

Half-Year Drink : Solvay Student Clubs (BE Solvay)

And you, what are your predictions for 2017 ?
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Chaque fin d’année sonne l’heure des bilans et des (tentatives de) prédictions. Quelles nouveautés social media marqueront l'année 2017 ? A découvrir sans pl...

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Soufiane RochdiSNAPCHAT !!! of course !!!!

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